Village School for a Rural Community, Nepal & NHE Teacher Training, Kathmandu, Nepal

By Dada Kamalakantananda

As per the direction of Shrii P. R. Sarkar, the first school was established in 1964 November in the eastern part of Nepal in the Kathmandu Region. At that time this school was so popular in this region that all the people longed to place their children in our schools. Now, long after that era of the 1960s, we have recently started to develop a totally new model of school in a remote and backward village of Sarlahi district in the area of mid-Terai, where most of the people are illiterate farmers, shepherds and cowherds working day and night for their livelihood.

With the revolution and rotation of the planets and stars, these village people are trying hard to adapt to social changes and to gain an awareness of human rights and technological advancements.

In such a rural area, our school with NHE ideals has begun to create a village model school for rural community welfare, not only for the children but also for all people who did not get a single chance to study even the alphabet and numbers. The whole society is a victim of casteism, violence against women, dowry, child marriage, false belief in witchcraft and many other superstitions and dogmas.

In the period of these past five years here in the rural community, our school, Ananda Marga Gurukul Vidhyashram, has established a day school for children, an adult and women’s education program, girls’ education and literacy, medical camps, different awareness campaigns, relief operations for earthquake and fire victims and now, in recent days, an organic farming centre for all the village farmers.

Without any further delay, the village school will educate the people and children and train the farmers in the NHE ideals and master unit concept for the rural community.

NHE Teacher Training, Nepal

April 7-11, 2017
Shantigar, Kathmandu
Given by GANE Taiwan

A very well received NHE Teacher Training was given by GANE Taiwan in Nepal in early April. Topics covered were:

  • Creative Storytelling
  • Prop making
  • Singing games
  • Kids Yoga
  • NHE Philosophy
  • Developmental Psychology