Ánanda Náráyańa ‘The Divine Land’

Ánanda Náráyańa ‘The Divine Land’

A Master Unit in Córdoba, Argentina
By Kuntur Deva

Every space in this universe is blessed with the hidden presence of the unbroken flow of consciousness, but there are special places where such presence is more clearly manifested and such is the experience of many who have visited Ánanda Náráyańa (Divine Land). Ánanda means infinite happiness or bliss, and Náráyańa is the shelter of the Supreme Consciousness, that is the abode of a happy blending between the devotional flow and its practical application in life. This is a project dedicated to implement and transmit the teachings and ideology of Shrii P. R. Sarkar.

In 2014 a group of people wishing to fully dedicate themselves to the collective welfare, imagined building Ánanda Náráyańa as a model to help society find its socio-spiritual roots. The goal was to create an ideal place for the practice of spirituality in close harmony with the indescribable beauty offered by the virgin atmosphere.

Ánanda Náráyańa’s land is set within the Calamuchita valley, in Córdoba province, and extends over near 20 hectares of previously inhabited land, located at the heart of Argentinian’s central mountain range. Calamuchita is enriched by the presence of numerous rivers that feed many Argentinian lakes and confines to the North with the ‘National Park Condor’s Fall’. The entire surrounding is a magnificent natural phenomenon with a diverse and rich vegetation and an incredibly rich fauna thriving in the wide opened landscapes. This land is a true world heritage, and its original inhabitants, the Comechingones, since time immemorial were the only witnesses and caretakers of its hidden beauty.

Highlights, Facilities & Specialties

Living in one of the most untouched and natural places in the world, we harmonize with the existing environmental conditions in everything we aim to, do and develop. We utilize the existing energy resources such as the countless days of solar energy for generating electricity, the use of pure potable river water for all needs and adapt all of our construction methods to the given materials mostly present on the spot or nearby such as clay, sand, stones, soil, wood, etc through ‘permaculture system of construction’. All housing structure has been built by us, with much love, sacrifice and dedication, and are suitable for deep relaxation, nature connection and meditation. Several walking trails connect beautiful gardens, meditation spots, quiet spaces with amazing high mountains views, and the all year round flowing river that has countless spots for swimming, relaxation and water therapy.

Programs, Activities & Visions

We all need inspiration to bring out and expand the best within our deeper selves and Ánanda Náráyańa wants to offer such a needed resource with its emphasis on peoples, animals, plants and environmental respect and development: ‘a Neohumanist Center’. Ánanda Náráyańa is a place for you to deeply relax, connect with your inner self and experience the deepest peace offered by a healthy lifestyle giving greater meaning to your own existence within the context of society.
Ánanda Náráyańa is the natural venue for Yoga oriented programs that lead to self-knowledge and the awakening of the inner urge to dedicate ourselves to serve others through:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga ásanas (comfortable postures for all-round wellbeing) & dances
  • Spiritual chanting of universal mantra Bábá Nám Kevalam (Love is all there is)
  • Healthy and conscious food habits
  • Naturotherapy treatments with innumerable yoga techniques and natural medicine produced by us
  • Learning fine arts, natural house construction and organic vegetable/fruit trees growing.

Not even the most sublime ideal can have an impact on society if not supported by people who decide to embrace it and make it their own. Ánanda Náráyańa is no exception and so it too requires sensitive hearts to dedicate some part of their lives towards its expansion, so that it may provide more service to a greater number of people. Therefore if you are feeling a subtle and inexplicable sense of dissatisfaction with your life, you may need to set aside your mind’s worries and calculative manipulations, and let yourself be carried away by your heart and spirit of adventure… Ánanda Náráyańa is waiting for you!

Contact: +549 353 565 0813 (WhatsApp)

Ánanda Náráyańa Today


Currently, Ánanda Náráyańa receives individuals or families who are looking for a healthy and progressive alternative to their lives full of stress and all kinds of ailments; people who have begun to feel a great deterioration in their health come here with different cases, ranging from insomnia, eating disorders, physical or mental distress, addictions, to strong imbalances in their personalities and adjustment in society. Together and in agreement with the concerned participant, a plan is elaborated based on the person’s needs. The treatments are mainly based on Yoga and Meditation practices, classes on healthy eating habits, fasting, natural medicine treatments and karma yoga.

Práńáh (Vital Energy Products)

In such an unpolluted environment, several medicinal herbs freely grow, some of which can only be found in this area, such as the Peperina Herb. We use the ancient method of health treatments for producing natural medicine with 24-hour “Bábá Nám Kevalam Kiirtan” and produce Práńáh products that have no side effects whatsoever when consciously used or applied. Current Práńáh products include: Herbal Tea, Mother Tinctures, Essential Oil, Hidrosole and Colloidal Silver.


At present, we are about to begin our third construction for producing natural medicine products. The Práńáh Laboratory will be built according to the spirit by which all the constructions have also been raised previously, that is, through the natural system of permaculture. In addition, this new building will have in the future a hall dedicated for group meditation and classes, a bakery, a kitchen and two rooms to accommodate guests.