Ananda Marga Gurukula Women’s College

With the fragrance and colours of spring we are happy to announce that we have inaugurated our Women’s College at Uma Nivas, Ananda Nagar.  With song and dance we are celebrating the start of this project after a long time of building. We are grateful and appreciate the patience and continuous support of all those who were part of this project and through whose help only we could accomplish it. Let us together offer this gift to our reverend inspiration Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, founder of Uma Nivas at his Centennial in this year 2022.

As we are working on official registrations, we have started befittingly with music and dance classes of our Prabhat Samgiita Academy. We have also started computer courses for girls from the nearby villages.

May we be able to provide education and services for the development and progress of the women and their families in the immediate surroundings and in ever wider reaching circles.

Thank you! Didi Ananda Rama, Didi Ananda Vratiisha, Didi Ananda Tapahshiila

Impressions of first visitors and well-wishers:

“We had the pleasure of visiting the Women’s College at Uma Nivas. Every part of the college seems to have been designed thoughtfully. As we entered the gate, we were greeted by the Didis. Didi Ananda Tapahshiila, a qualified Music teacher is the principal and teaches Music, Dance and Art to 120 girls. She affiliated the Prabhat Samgiita Academy with Nikhil Bharati Sangeet Samiti. She also teaches computer courses to 40 girls.

There is a security staff room near the gate and as we moved inside the campus, there is the cafeteria building. Then we went to the residential wing, a large living room with kitchen in one corner and comfortable sofas in the other, nicely done without any frills.  Didi Amalina welcomed us here. A meditation room on the second floor is called “Atmajina” and has a sculpture of ”Parvati, the spouse of Lord Shiva who invented Lalita Marmika dance”.  The classrooms have name plaques of mundane and supramundane knowledge e.g. the Art and Music rooms are called ‘Nandana Vijinana’ and ‘Mohana Vijinana’.

There is rain water catchment from the huge roof into containers of totally more than 30,000 litres. There is grey water filtration, solar panels and wonderful neohumanistic décor. A worthy cause for Ananda Nagar girls! Great job. All the best.” – Dr. Prabha and Ac. Kishan Sood.

Dear Didis, Congratulations to all of you. What a great and beautiful project. I am very happy to see it completed, thank you for sharing. – Ralph Huber, Switzerland

Awesome, dear Didis! Congratulations! – Avtk. Ananda Shubhashisa, Germany

I am overwhelmed to learn this great news. This is the result of consistent hard work and strong determination. All of our dreams finally came true. One day this college will become the heart of education for girls in remote villages and not only that, this will be the pioneer of women education in the light of Neohumanist Education in the world.- Dr. Sunandita Bowmik, Cooch Behar University

What wonderful news! Congratulation! You have done such a beautiful job! I hope to be able to visit one day soon! – Krsnapriya, USA

Looks like a real college now. Great work. – Ac. Nityashuddhananda Avt.

Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment!! The welfare of women has just taken a giant leap forward! – Howard Nemon, USA

I love the photos of the Women’s College.  The women look as beautiful as the flowers themselves.  I am sure the services and education that will be offered will be just as beautiful and dynamic! – Mahajyoti, USA

Ananda Marga Gurukula Women's College 6
Ananda Marga Gurukula Women's College 8

Water Conservation at Uma Nivas

The acute water shortage in summer at Uma Nivas and surrounding communities prompted us to work on a sustainable solution. Integrated Design ( experts were invited by Acarya Kishan Sood and they designed a community rainwater management after extensive study of the area. This proposal is a holistic conservation to regenerate and restore the degraded landscape. This includes reviving the natural system and building a resilient and sustainable development of land and ability to hold rainwater. The plan includes traditional water catchment areas, water diversion, water retention structures which have proven effective using local material and techniques familiar to the people and the community.

This will include the entire area from the Ananda Marga Girl’s High School, the new Women’s College, Children’s Home and Rarh hostel and the community south of this area. The practical involvement of the villagers will be a learning experience while working on the proposed plan and the concept could be duplicated in the entire area eventually.

The budget for this large scheme is US $30,000 and will be carried out before the monsoon rains. We heartily welcome donors and supporters.  Full document can be found here: