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Volunteer and Paid Position Available

Gurukula is looking for progressive and energetic spiritualists to help us with administrative work in our AMGK Headquarters at Anandanagar, the Global Liaison Office, the Administrative Office of Neohumanist College, and the Women’s College at Umanivas, including data management, marketing, fundraising, publications distribution, resource management, faculty development, etc. We invite you to join us and let us know how you would like to get involved. Contact: 

For more information:

Make an Impact Working with the Neohumanist College of Asheville (NHCA)

NHCA is a hybrid distance-learning and mentoring institution, currently in its first year of operation. A non-profit organization of North Carolina, the College is seeking involvement by interested neohumanist educators in our programs.

Director – Applicants could begin duties online, although residence in the Asheville area is preferred for the future; overseas applicants must consider obtaining a green card and eventual US citizenship.

Financial Officer – Can remotely perform tasks related to monitoring and developing plans to manage cash flow.

Bookkeeper – Can remotely perform tasks related to day-to-day financial transactions and annual reporting.

Data Manager – Can remotely perform tasks related to monitoring, updating and leveraging data to grow the institution using the SalesForce platform.

Technical Support Team – Can remotely perform tasks related to supporting faculty and students by hosting online learning on the Zoom platform.

Faculty (Instructors and Guest Speakers) – Can remotely perform tasks related to designing curriculum in areas of expertise and facilitating learning activities for NHCA students. The current online learning platform is LearnDash with possible future transition to Canvas. We are recruiting for the following multidisciplinary areas of emphasis:
·         Yoga and Intuitional Sciences
·         Leadership Training
·         Humanities and Arts (philosophy, history, language, fine arts)
·         Neohumanist Education
·         Agriculture and Ecology
·         Wellness and Psychology
·         Prout and Economics

Mentors – Can perform tasks remotely and in-person. Mentors are welcome from diverse fields, such as Education, Yoga and Intuitional Sciences, Prout, Leadership, Humanities/Arts, etc.

Translators – Can remotely perform tasks related to translating classroom content and online learning activities to a global audience.

Publishing Staff – Can remotely perform tasks related to publishing books, for example editing, layouts, design, illustrations, etc.

Some preferred qualifications for open positions:
·         Familiarity with Neohumanist Philosophy and Education
·         Some background and or experience in education, anywhere from pre-k through college
·         Service-mindedness
·         Dedication to the mission of Shrii P.R. Sarkar
·         Proficiency with the English language
·         Experience with multicultural communication

The Neohumanist College of Asheville is embedded in a large Community next to two Master Units. The 33-acre campus offers a new facility available for conferences, including classrooms and a fully equipped technology learning lab for creating a variety of digital content. A new facility for a Prout Research Institute is also being constructed on the NHCA campus.

NHCA is a startup college with limited salaries.  Benefits include career development in an institution of higher learning and working with a dedicated team of skilled NH mission-oriented professionals, in addition to a partnership with the Prama Institute & Wellness Center and the Prout Institute.

Those interested and seeking further information contact any of the current NHCA Staff:

Sid (Ac.Vishvamitra) Jordan , Acting Director of NHCA

Ellen (Vishvapriya) Landau , Acting Facilities Director and NHCA Board Treasurer

Ricky (Rsi) Peterson , Registrar and Website Administrator 

Learn more about our current work at: