Neohumanist College of Asheville

Update by Ricky Peterson

Our spring is now upon us and the fresh scents of blossoming flowers and delightful sights of vibrant green leaves are all around. The college has continued to pick up positive momentum attracting students from around the world.

Our winter semester Neohumanist Teachers cohort enjoyed the experiential learning of NHE 109: Aśt́áuṋga Yoga for 3-10 year olds,  led by Mahájyoti Glassman, and NHE 111: Descriptive Inquiry – The Art of Knowing the Child, facilitated by Kathleen Kesson.  Our Leadership For Social Change cohort is approaching the halfway mark of a 20 week curriculum, being led by Satya Tanner with the assistance of Howard Nemon. We are wrapping up the first year of a two-year Neohumanist Teacher Preparation Program— two partner courses are being offered, NHE 113: Language and Literacy and NHE 115: Arts-Based Curriculum Design, led by Rekha Gregory and Kathleen Kesson. We are happy to announce 18 students joined our YTT 102: Yoga Teachers Training course, led by Pashupati Landau and Didi Ánanda Diipiká.

Further expansion of the compassionate lens of Neohumanism is on the horizon with the upcoming launch of a new faculty — offering two new classes in 2022: HUM 101: Thoughts that Byte, a Neohumanist critical thinking course, designed and taught by Jesus Valen, and HUM 102: Neohumanism in Art, Literature and Culture, taught by Marco Oliveria. 

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