Teacher Training Anandanagar

40-Page_27_Image_1Ananda Marga Gurukula Teacher Training College, Anandanagar, India

By Ac Svarupananda Avt

The Ananda Marga Gurukula Teachers training College was started in the year 2014, offering a Bachelors of Education degree. The classes started from July 01, 2014 with 100 students. At this stage all theory classes have concluded and the students have also covered practice teaching sessions in over ten secondary schools. Their final teaching exams were also completed on April 29, 2015. Now they will take final exams in theory papers from June 01, 2015. All the students have fared well in co-curricular subjects.

Starting with the 2015-2016 session, the Bachelors of Education program will be of two years duration. Until now it was for one year only. So now for the coming sessions there would be 200 students in our campus.

There is fierce competition to enter into the institution and only highly deserving candidates are being accepted as per NCTE – National Council for Teacher Education, and University regulations. The institution welcomes donations and contributions of appropriate educational materials for upgrading its library collection.


40-Page_27_Image_4Education Training Camp (ETC), Anandanagar, India

By Ac Priyakrsnananda Avt

The winter session of the Education Training Camp was organized in Ananda Nagar. Over 300 teachers and Principals of Ananda Marga Schools from various parts of India participated in this five-day-long training.

Classes were conducted by experienced trainers on various aspects of Neohumanist Education (NHE) such as Specialties of NHE, Teaching English, Rhymes and Rhythms, School Management, School Accounts, First Aid in School, Foundations of NHE, Creative Games, Lesson Plan, Classroom Management, Imaginative Play, and Yoga for Kids etc. There was also a Rhymes and Moral Story Telling Competition where all participated with great enthusiasm expressing their talents and creativity. Didi Ananda Madhupurna came from Australia and Didi Ananda Gunamaya from Jamaica to train the teachers with practical techniques of play-way methods.

40-Page_27_Image_3There was a colorful and very impressive cultural program one evening. Girls from Rarh Hostel, Umanivas, presented a dance drama “Vanshi” which was spectacular and heart touching to see the talents of the small kids. The teachers also presented several creative items.

In the evaluation session all appreciated the ETC, and the disciplined life and spiritual ambience created by collective kiirtan and meditation.

Overall it was highly educative, practical and aimed at total development of the teacher and taught.