New Music CD from Vistara School

A New NHE Music CD

Earth’s Heart Calling

A collection of NHE based songs with kiirtans
by Vistara Primary School, Lismore, Australia


The children at Vistara Primary School worked on this wonderful new CD with Jyoshna La Trobe and created their own songs. Their voices are beautiful and the CD is selling in shops in town and Byron Bay. There is also a song by Tom Avery (Blackboi) an Australian Aboriginal Artist from the Bundjalung Nation. Tom is a school parent and the children are singing with him. This song reached the finals in the 2014 NCEIA Dolphin Music awards.
There are 13 tracks. The songs are: Jingi Wallah (Welcome Song), Unicorn, Side by Side, Save the Whales, Tiny Green Island, Love is Above Me, Do All The Good You Can, My Eyes are Open, Earth’s Heart Calling, Calypso Kiirtan, Loved Ones Kiirtan, Rockin Kiirtan, Relaxation (crystal singing bowls and chimes).

Vistara Primary School thanks all who made it possible and particularly those who made it happen behind the scenes – the work that went into the making of this CD was truly service.”
The CD is selling at $25 Aus plus postage and handling and can be purchased through: and