New Schools Open in Melbourne Australia and Asheville, North Carolina

Issue42_Page_42_Image_7Beautiful New School Opens in Melbourne, Australia

The Women’s Welfare Department of Suva Sector is starting another preschool and long daycare centre this May, the result of many years of hard work and dedication!

Issue42_Page_42_Image_6This tranquil and bright new centre was built in response to the popularity of Sunrise preschool and Neohumanist Education in the local community. It can accommodate 30 children and will be managed by Didi Ananda Nirupama.

Sunrise preschool celebrates its 22nd anniversary this year, with some second generation students now attending! It is currently managed by Didi Ananda Madhupurna. They have made a CD ‘Circle of Love’, a Issue42_Page_42_Image_8beautiful collection of songs for children. It is a result of a collaboration of professional musician parents and the staff of Sunrise and features an artist well known in Australia.

Circle of Love CDs can be purchased via the Sunrise website
Cost: AU$20 per CD. If you purchase 10 or more CDs, the cost is $15 per CD.

Mountain Breeze School Opens in Marshall, North Carolina, USA


In October of 2015 the Mountain Breeze School, a licensed preschool, opened in a residence in Marshall, NC, in a wonderful community of open-minded people just 20 minutes north of Asheville. It is situated next to the Ananda Girisuta Master Unit. The preschool occupies 1400 square feet of a residence in the community and is licensed for 12 children, 3-5 years of age. Hours of operation are 8:00am-5:30pm every day.

The Mountain Breeze School is directed by Rachel Maietta and has recently hired its second teacher, Jamie Moshe to work with Miriam Godoshian. Miriam laid the foundation for our Neohumanist curriculum. Jamie is a qualified early childhood education teacher and yoga instructor for young children. She is from the New York area where she taught preschool and early grades. She had also visited the Progressive School of Long Island and has been very attracted to the Neohumanist Education approach. She feels very much at home at the Mountain Breeze School and is fully utilizing the Circle of Love in her work with the children.Issue42_Page_42_Image_2

They have just completed their new playground and website.

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